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Escom B.V.
Industrial area:
De Compagnie
Fokkerstraat 10-B
3905 KV Veenendaal

+31 (0)85 130 37 89

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Albert Dorland
+31 (0) 6 5586 7767

Menno Esmeijer

+31 (0) 6 3064 3800


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We can also provide tailor-made advice for your building on how to make your heat and energy supply more sustainable. By means of a Quick scan you will receive a clear report on the opportunities for your heat and energy supply. Both on cost savings and on CO2 reduction. An exploration is much more extensive; then you immediately have a Report with a Business Case in outline that you can submit to your management team. Do you decide to have our Escom Heat Plant realized? Then we will credit you with these research costs.

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