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The modular solar energy system is a unique system with different functions that can be used independently or in combination.

The system consists of 4 parts

  1. Part E is an air heat exchanger that in combination with a heat pump can generate energy from the air. This is also an outdoor unit for the heat pump that functions entirely silently. The heat from the air functions even at low temperatures and therefore, also at night.
  2. Part TE is an aluminium cover for the heat exchanger. This part serves as an absorber for radiated heat from the sun and transfers this heat to the heat exchanger E.
  3. We can also provide the TE panel with a glass plate with which we give the absorber with a stationary insulating air layer for a higher yield. The panels assembled in this way can function both as a roof and as facade elements.
  4. Finally, we can add a standard PV panel with which, in addition to heat, we also generate sustainable electricity that must largely compensate for the consumption of the heat pump. In addition to a standard panel, we can also use a so-called bifacial panel with which we maximize the yield of the system.

All parts are modular and suitable for individual (re) use; maximum efficiency, modular and circular. An additional advantage of this system is that we can also cool in addition to heating.

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Heat storage (buffer)

Since solar energy is only available during the day, it is necessary to store the heat we generate for a time when solar energy is not available. This can be done for a short period in a heat battery or more extended periods in an underground heat buffer. Depending on the size and expected return, we determine which system is best.

We have two systems for this:

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Heat battery

The heat battery is a system based on a PCM material. It stands for Phase Changing Material. This is a substance that changes from liquid to a solid at a specific temperature. We use natural material, namely coconut oil as PCM. The advantage of this is that up to 4x more energy/heat can be stored in this material than in water. Because the phase change takes place around 25 degrees, we can achieve optimum efficiency in combination with the heat pump. We apply this system for smaller spaces and shorter storage periods.

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Energy Crate

This is a modular system consisting of stacked high-strength plastic elements.

We can store a virtually unlimited volume of water underground in which we can store heat. This can be realized next to the building under grass, but also under parking spaces or streets. A large amount of heat can be stored for a long time in this volume. We apply this system for larger projects depending on the situation on-site and in relation to the yield.

s depending on the situation on site and in relation to the yield.

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Heat pump

The heat pump is the heart of the system. Often brought as the replacement of the central heating boiler, but that is certainly not the case. The heat pump is a system with which available heat can be upgraded. This only works if the amount of energy that a heat pump produces is higher than the energy consumption. For the best possible result, the heat pump, therefore, depends on the heat supplied by the sun, air or from one of our heat buffers. The COP is the number that indicates the ratio between usage and yield.
At a COP of 1, we are essentially busy with (expensive) electric heating, but with a COP factor of 5, each KW of energy input is 5 KW. It is therefore essential to have a good design and good control of the system, whereby smart software ensures the optimum COP value of the heat pump. An additional advantage of this system is that we can also cool in addition to heating.

Escom works with existing heat pumps from various well-known brands but is also working on its heat pump system.

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The SKID is a prefabricated heat plant with a heat pump that is assembled plug and play.

All necessary connections and pumps, including control, are pre-assembled and can be directly connected. By applying a SKID, a project can be up to 5% cheaper.

We also save working hours on location, and a skid also offers many advantages in service and maintenance.

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Stainless steel Finn Tube air heat exchanger module

This passive air heat exchanger can be used if more capacity is required for the heat pump. The module can be made in different sizes and consists of stainless tubes on which a lamella structure is applied that ensures a large heat exchange capacity.

The unit can be placed on the roof and can be used without forced airflow, making it silent.

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Monitoring, collecting data and smart control and optimization of the various technical building blocks with special software ensures that the system efficiency can be further increased. There are many interdependencies. Our team of specialists provides the optimal adjustment of the hardware and software system.

Option extra Escom software control. . During the operating period, historical consumption data that is to be built up and weather information (outside temperature, solar radiation, etc.) can be used to implement further system optimizations. Historical consumption data can be used to predict the heat demand. (For example, hot water demand to peak at certain times during the day). Besides, we can also optimize the installation here with weather forecasting.

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Heat output system

From the newly to be realized heat plant in the technical room or on the roof, the heat is transported through the piping of the indoor installation to the heating and hot water supply systems of the homes or office spaces. We can also make recommendations for optimization on the delivery system.

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