A number of pillars are central to all our completed projects:

No inconvenience to users, No higher monthly costs for users, Minimum equal comfort or higher, Minimum 2 label jumps, Minimum 50% CO2 savings!

Project: Westerhelling

In the middle of the woods near Berg en Dal lies the former boarding school Westerhelling. The boarding school has since been converted into a beautiful student complex. It is a monumental building,…

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Project: Doddendaal

The old former monastery Doddendaal is located right in the centre of Nijmegen. The sustainability of the former Doddendaal monastery in Nijmegen started small and ended in a virtually gas-free…

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Woonstad Rotterdam

Simple, straightforward and scalable; that is the winning concept for heat extraction, storage and delivery. With this, the Arnhem company Escom B.V. has today won one of the energy challenges of…

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