The energy supply of offices, houses, and social real estate is often extremely inefficient. And that is crazy because energy-saving measures are one of the most cost-efficient ways to achieve sustainable goals, and it immediately generates money. Therefore, it is an interesting option to outsource the design, implementation, and financing of energy savings to a company focused on it — an Energy Service Company (ESCo). Although our company is called Energy Solutions Company, the relationship with Energy Service is of course very obvious, but we have many more services to provide you with the best possible support in the energy transition.


In essence, an ESCo is a company that takes over the energy management of a building for a longer period, invests in energy-saving measures and carries out all maintenance. A so-called performance contract stipulates that the ESco is responsible for achieving energy savings and better comfort for the user. An ESCo construction kills two birds with one stone: it is entirely free and of high quality. The latter is because the ESco is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the entire energy system. In this way, the ESCo can opt for an integrated approach and reliable solutions with long service life. Also, the contract contains a bonus/malus structure, so that the ESCo will strive for the highest possible efficiency.

The ESCo concept lends itself well to schools and care institutions, but also office buildings and apartment complexes. EScom helps this process by establishing relationships between builders, financiers and building owners as an independent facilitator.


In order to achieve our climate objectives, the Dutch government is stimulating with various subsidy schemes aimed at sustainability.

Sustainability subsidies: from SDE + to EIA.

There are various subsidy options to make your property more sustainable. Take, for example, the SDE ++ subsidy for the realization of solar energy projects. EIA and MIA are tax schemes as an incentive for your energy-neutral investments. Our subsidy advisors and partners are happy to advise you on the possibilities of subsidies for your sustainability ambition.


We have extensive experience in developing energy concepts and the associated operation of sustainable energy installations. Our unique vision is distinguished by the combination of sustainability and energy, always centred on technology. We oversee the whole from plan to execution, always sustainable with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.


Escom and its partners are also the right people for sustainability certification. Whether it concerns an energy label or a BREEAM certificate, Escom and its partners provide a specific, transparent certificate that is tailor-made. A sustainable-certified building provides demonstrable added value: from energy savings to the added value of the real estate.


Escom has both internal and external knowledge and experience in supporting projects and matters in the field of sustainability and through our detailed and robust approach.

Escom supports your project by testing our sustainability specialists before, after and during realization. Escom advises on various sustainability projects, such as solar energy projects, making buildings sustainable, and supplying heat using the heat act. Besides, our legal partners are at home in the legal supervision of various innovative energy projects.