Arnhem startup Escom prize winner energy challenge Woonstad Rotterdam

Simple, straightforward and scalable; that is the winning concept for heat extraction, storage and delivery. With this, the Arnhem company Escom B.V. has today won one of the energy challenges of housing corporation Woonstad Rotterdam. “It’s fantastic that we can now make a project with Woonstad more sustainable and eliminate its dependence on natural gas,” says Albert Dorland, one of the founders of the still-young company.

“We offer a solution for the energy transition that is immediately feasible. With our PV-T panels, we capture solar energy and extract energy from the air and temporarily store that heat energy in a buffer and from there we can heat the houses with the help of a central heat pump. We have developed a micro-grid, a small heating network. Residents do not bother us, and we leave their installation almost untouched. Residents do have an advantage from day one after delivery; their energy costs will go down, which is one of the reasons why we won this prize”, Dorland continues.

Luc Pennings of Escom says: “Our concept consists of well-known and reliable technical components that we connect smartly. Through software, we, but also the residents can see online how energy consumption is progressing”. Product developer Aart Blok adds: “We use existing techniques, which we optimize so that the return on the total solution increases. We make modular solutions where every part can be modernized and work circularly.” Roland Dekkers, co-shareholder of Escom and director of DKC Totaaltechniek, is a technical advisor to the project.

Woonstad Rotterdam has confidence in the concept, and it is an excellent opportunity for Escom to apply the solution in practice in Rotterdam. After all, to achieve the goals of the climate agreement, 1,000 homes have to be made sustainable every day and/or eliminate their dependence on natural gas. We will only achieve this with solutions that allow all parties to work together. Escom makes an inventory of the possibilities and acts as a designer/architect, advisor and connector to all involved.

“Our name stands for Energy Solutions Company, and we are therefore solution-oriented. A well-known slogan from Rotterdam suits us well: Not words, but actions!”

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